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Personal Development: How To Develop A Healthy Abundance Mindset

Personal Development: How To Develop A Healthy Abundance Mindset

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This book will help you make informed decisions in your personal development journey and follow through with courage.

This means that you must have the maturity to take one hundred percent responsibility for your well-being, your calling, your financial resources, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual views.

It takes a deep look at yourself, consciously choosing what kind of individual you really are inside, and then aligning your outer reality with your inner being. The goal is to help you achieve outstanding effectiveness while maintaining your inner balance, where your notions, feelings, actions and skills all work together to produce the life you really want.

These personal development topics will serve as a good start as you begin personal development.

They will put you on the right track to take control of any situation, achieve goals and become a better individual...

Chapter 1: Healthy Abundance Mindset
Chapter 2: Meditation
Chapter 3: Setting Goals
Chapter 4: Centering Yourself
Chapter 5: Get over your fear
Chapter 6: Be Thankful
Chapter 7: Visualizing